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HARP Defence Systems was established in 2017 to offer advanced technology products, design services and related solutions to companies operating in various industries, especially defense and aerospace.

HARP has a comprehensive knowledge of 3D design, structural analyses i.e. static, vibration, acceleration, shock and electronics cooling by CFD and has the experience to provide a one-stop solution. It adds value to its customers and business partners by considering the military standards in their designs and providing the most efficient and least costly solutions.


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Mechanical design of avionic devices which are subject to strict military and civil aviation standards in design ...

Electronic Modules

Mechanical design of electronic modules like RF Transmitters, plug-in units (VITA 48.2) and components ...

Test Cabinets and Units

Mechanical design of 19” system test cabinets and test units ...

Electronics Cooling and Thermal Analyses

Electronics cooling desing and thermal analyses for Air, Liquid ...

Structural Analyses

Vibration, Shock, acceleration analyses, structural strength and fatique calculations ...